The FTR Files 2.0 : Episode 4 - Behind the Scenes

What it's like to be a member of FTR.

Ok as I've said in my first blog installment, " I'm not much of a blogger or a blog writer", however, I can pick a random topic and ramble about it. So, this topic will be hmmm... a bit of what it's like being a member of FTR.

That topic alone could fill a book but I'm gonna take you to the side of a band that only they know. Ok, whether this makes us looks good or bad will be up to you!

First of all, ALL bands have that inner circle stuff that no one ever sees. Any band member possibly reading this right now is nodding their head and probably chuckling at the mere thought of some of the stupidity we endure from each other. To help explain I'll use a reference from something a studio engineer said while we were there tracking vocals. Let's see he said something like, "when I saw you guys play live you seemed more.....". I do believe he was referring to me specifically. I'll get around to the rest of that conversation in a moment. But to quote someone who saw us for the first time and posting of her experience of meeting us after the show wrote, "I met one of the scariest looking nicest bands ever tonight". We definitely feel as though we're super friendly but "scary"? Well it just goes to show that the people you see on stage is often different than the ones you meet when they're off the stage.

So I've been told that I can seem intimidating.... huh?? Not sure how but there it is. Thing is the other members of the band know me to be one of the most comical silliest guys they've ever encountered. From the ridiculous dances I break into during rehearsals to the random dumb stuff I say that for what ever reason makes everyone burst into laughter. Yeah, I'm that guy in the band. Oh the stories they could tell.

We have several different chats on FB. We had to do that because the first one we intended to be about important stuff turned into a sticker war, GIF polluted, totally non serious bunch of young kid kinda chat that would sometimes touch grey areas (censored) and probably make an outsider question our sanity! That was a mouth full. Let's just say that Tim being the youngest member while at work sometimes has to cover his phone real quick due to the rest of us more "mature members" blowing up messenger with complete non sense!! Then, by the time he's able to take a quick look at his phone sees like 160 messages and groans knowing he'll have to sift through all the dumb stuff to find the actual information he may need. So now we have to have a secret group for actual topics and business chats for actual business (strictly no stupidity policy).

Oh yeah, back to the conversation with the studio engineer that recruited us after seeing us live. He said "when I saw you guys play live you seemed more...." Knowing that moments before that I was making DJ record scratch noises on his couch and making Chad laugh like a 10 year old, he may be referring to my *ahem* immaturity. So I finished the sentence with "mature"? He said well no, just more.... I finished "more mature - cool like"? He muttered, well yeah.

Ok, so hold on. The studio guy just called me immature? Haha well, yes however he made a FB status that same night after we left stating he had just recorded the most professional vocalist to date. Obviously he was speaking of my experience behind the mic and not my behavior during the editing process. Although my mic might have been cut off a time or 2 by engineers in between vocal takes because I'm making silly voices for the other members to hear on the other side of the wall/ glass and making them laugh. The stories are endless!

Imagine the hours spent on the road trapped in an SUV with up to 6 other people singing theme songs from Glee, the rest stop horseplay, the 2 am taco bell loud crowd syndrome, the gas station attendants we've inadvertently annoyed, on and on. We've got inside jokes about inside jokes! They see us on stage screaming, thrashing around, jumping into crowds to mosh, and bleeding our passion onto the stage. . .  and have no idea.

Ok so don't misunderstand. It's not just one big joke. Actually when we've added members to the band one of the first responses they have is "this is the most 'real deal' bands I've ever been in". Yes we have fun! But we're also focused like a laser for success. Before each rehearsal I lead in prayer asking for our success, because our success is the success of introducing Him to the World that may not know God.

So here, I've included you in on just the tip of the ice berg but I'm probably not done with this subject because there is just SOOO much material in "what it's like to be in FTR" that one blog can't begin to scratch. So until next time peace be with you always! Rusty

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