FTR Welcomes Joshua Bogard to the Family!

From These Ruins is quite excited to introduce to you the newest member of the family: Joshua Bogard!

Josh comes from a colorful past of musical influences and experiences and is eager to hold the rhythm guitar position down using all of the knowledge he has accumulated.

At the age of eleven he felt a spiritual calling to help kids with the same struggles of loneliness that he was battling. Josh found comfort and acceptance from spiritual leaders and peers and knew that his love of music and his need to help should be fused.

Now in a musical position to put those feelings to actions, Josh was drawn to join From These Ruins in their goal in that very message. "They truly are the advocates of the unwanted and live that everyday," the newest member of the band said.

As a fan of the band since it's inception, it is more than just joining a band for the music; but he loves the message and the energy they present.

"I have been involved in other musical projects, and there always seemed to be a disconnect for me. They just weren't quite the right fit. Until I met and got to play with FTR. It's much more than just a band but a ministry, and that is really exciting! I feel like I am at home now, and am excited for the future," Joshua stated.

Everyone, please give a huge brotherhood welcome to Joshua Bogard!

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