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FTR Unveils New Logo

Terre Haute, IN - For those of you who saw their Merry Christmas post on the bands various social media sites, you may have seen a new logo adorning those Christmas ornaments. From These Ruins made public their new logo…Read more

New Music Coming Soon

From These Ruins have taken much of 2015 to focus on writing and recording their debut full length album. Finishing off a long run on the road in support of their EP, Brotherhood, FTR are excited to get new music…Read more



We are proud to tell you that Losing Control is FINALLY HERE!

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Get Losing Control FREE - FRIDAY!

Indianapolis, Ind.- Finally, after a long wait and after a release date was pushed back, From These Ruins are set to unleash their latest single upon the world.Set for release on June 13, 2014- Friday the 13th- “Losing…Read more

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The FTR Files 2.0: Episode 4 - Behind the Scenes

First of all, ALL bands have that inner circle stuff that no one ever sees. Any band member possibly reading this right now is nodding their head and probably chuckling at the mere thought of some of the stupidity we endure from each other... Continue Reading
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